October 25, 2016

October 2016

October minutes:
 ~ Agenda:  a late lunch at Cracker Barrel
~ Everyone shared favorite Thanksgiving traditions, memories, recipes, stories & a craft idea!
~ Dues this month went to help the Beeman family attend the National Bible Bee
~ A short Prayer was had
~ 6 ladies were in attendance~ it was Jodi's (not pictured) first time to join us! =)
 ~ We sent a card to Nancy Wesson
~ Next month is the Cooky Exchange!  
Monday, November 14th

September 2016

"Thanks to the wonderful sisters in Christ who came to help get the Carver Good News Club prepared for their upcoming semester.
I think everyone had nice fellowship as the cut things out, strung beads together, stuffed party bags and learned more about one another and Good News Clubs.
Thanks again, Adrienne and Debbie for your vision of a service club."

~Sharon Hunter

 "I wanted to offer a huge thanks! It was so fun to see everyone, and work together, too. And what a blessing to me, personally, and to our new Good News Club Workers that will be learning how to do things and not have to also have to do so much prep work. I think the other GNC ladies are jealous of me, cause I had you! Carver is blessed!!"   ~Amber Pitts

September minutes:
 ~ Agenda & Dues:  We helped the Good News Club at Carver get ready for this semester's clubs by cutting out/assembling game actives.
~ A short time of Prayer was had
~ 11 ladies were in attendance!!!  =)
~ Pot-Luck Refreshments
~ The door prize was provided by Adrienne McKee
~ Sharon Hunter provided the location.
~ We sent a card to Elizabeth Hunter!
~ October will be a Cracker Barrel Lunch