November 16, 2016

November 2016

November minutes:
~ Agenda:  Cooky Exchange!  =)
~We had 2 contests: 
           Prettiest Treat Package Contest
           Best Apron Contest
~ Dues:  We collected a nice pile of shelf stable food for the Commerce TX food bank
~ A short time of Prayer was had
~ 9 ladies were in attendance!!!  =)
~ Pot-Luck Cookies, and Debbie & Adrienne provided other non-sweet refreshments

 ~Door prize & contest prizes were given by: Adrienne McKee
~ Debbie McKee provided the location.
~ We sent a card to Elizabeth Hunter!
~ Skipping December

 The treats to exchange!

the Best Apron Contest contestants-  Missy (in the middle) won!
Bethany & Katheine won the Prettiest Treat Package Contest
and the Door Prize!
Plenty of treats to eat!