October 30, 2017

Instructions for the Cooky Exchange


Please bring a plate of your treat that we can eat at the meeting and 2 dozen to exchange.
PLEASE follow the instructions below for the exchange!
Q: How should I bring my cookies/treats?
A: Already wrapped, in sets of 6 (if they are small, consider sets of 12). Please tag them with your name, so the new owner will remember who brought them! (you can use zip-locks, or plastic wrap, or any other way that you come up with)
(Hobby Lobby has lots of good wrapping choices this year)

Q: How many packets of cookies/treats should I bring?
A: 4 packets per person~ that way each person can take home 2 dozen!

Q: How many different kinds should I bring?
A: One kind per-person.

DO NOT bring Plain-Old-Everyday-Cookies! (they can be homemade, or from a bakery)
Oh, and there will be 2 PRIZES! 
~One for the prettiest packaging
~And one Door Prize

May 20, 2017

May 2017

Wow- such a long time has passed since we met as a group!

May minutes:
 ~ Agenda:  China Craft Day! 
~Refreshments were pot-luck
~ Dues this month: We made name tags for Elizabeth to take to her English students in China. 
~ A short Prayer was had
~ 10 ladies were in attendance~
~ We sent a card to Charity Hunter