November 2, 2016

Instructions for the Cooky Exchange

November Cooky Exchange
Please bring a plate of your treat that we can eat at the meeting and 2 dozen to exchange.
PLEASE follow the instructions below for the exchange!


Q: How should I bring my cookies/treats?
A: Already wrapped, in sets of 6 (if they are small, sets of 12). Please tag them with your name, so the new owner will remember who brought them! (you can use zip-locks, or plastic wrap, or any other way that you come up with)

Q: How many packets of cookies/treats should I bring?
A: 4 packets per person~ that way each person can take home 2 dozen!
(if you like, you may bring unbaked cooky dough in place of 2 of your cooky packages)

Q: How many different kinds should I bring?
A: One kind per-person.

Notes:  DO NOT bring Plain-Old-Everyday-Cookies! (or store-bought if you can at all help it),
If you request it, we can have a special diet table for the ladies with special dietary concerns & restraints.

Oh, and there will be PRIZES! (If there are volunteers to provide them)
~One for the prettiest packaging
~One for the Best apron
~And one Door Prize

October 25, 2016

October 2016

October minutes:
 ~ Agenda:  a late lunch at Cracker Barrel
~ Everyone shared favorite Thanksgiving traditions, memories, recipes, stories & a craft idea!
~ Dues this month went to help the Beeman family attend the National Bible Bee
~ A short Prayer was had
~ 6 ladies were in attendance~ it was Jodi's (not pictured) first time to join us! =)
 ~ We sent a card to Nancy Wesson
~ Next month is the Cooky Exchange!  
Monday, November 14th

September 2016

"Thanks to the wonderful sisters in Christ who came to help get the Carver Good News Club prepared for their upcoming semester.
I think everyone had nice fellowship as the cut things out, strung beads together, stuffed party bags and learned more about one another and Good News Clubs.
Thanks again, Adrienne and Debbie for your vision of a service club."

~Sharon Hunter

 "I wanted to offer a huge thanks! It was so fun to see everyone, and work together, too. And what a blessing to me, personally, and to our new Good News Club Workers that will be learning how to do things and not have to also have to do so much prep work. I think the other GNC ladies are jealous of me, cause I had you! Carver is blessed!!"   ~Amber Pitts

September minutes:
 ~ Agenda & Dues:  We helped the Good News Club at Carver get ready for this semester's clubs by cutting out/assembling game actives.
~ A short time of Prayer was had
~ 11 ladies were in attendance!!!  =)
~ Pot-Luck Refreshments
~ The door prize was provided by Adrienne McKee
~ Sharon Hunter provided the location.
~ We sent a card to Elizabeth Hunter!
~ October will be a Cracker Barrel Lunch

August 1, 2016

August 2016

We are on Summer Break: 
we are NOT meeting in August

July 20, 2016

July 2016


 July minutes:
~ The McKee family volunteered their yard for an outdoor Co-Ed (bring-your-own-dinner) Diner Bonfire!
~Adrienne baked a Hot Milk Sponge Cake (from 1980's Better Homes & Gardens book)
~There were 11 & 1/2 (maybe I should just call it 12?) in attendance, (one new person- Leo) thanks for coming, everyone!
~Dues this month went to Elizabeth Wesson & Samuel Wesson they went on a mission trip to Spain.
~No door prize.
~Summer Break: we are NOT meeting in August
~You can find MORE photos on our Facebook group. =)


(The trick to make the whipped cream last a long time: beat 1c Cream until soft peaks form, then add 1/4c. Sour Cream, and finish beating. I popped the cake in the fridge for 1-1.5 hours before serving, and it looked great....They say it would last/look good even longer if you popped the cake in the freezer for 30m to 1h (to set it)....)

July 16, 2016

June 2016

Holahoop ring toss (harder than it sounds!)

June minutes:
~ The McKees volunteered their yard for an outdoor Co-Ed game night, with a bonfire!
~4 games were played:
     1) Holahoop Ring Toss (harder than it sounds!)
     2) Marshmallow Race
     3) Fill the Bottle (a water toting relay race)
     4) Corn Hole
~We had pot luck cookies & roasted marshmallows
~There were 10 in attendance, one new person: thanks for coming, everyone!
~Dues this month went to Peter & Maggie Sample-  as they Pastor/missionary a small town Church.
~No door prize.
~It was decided that the July meeting would also be out of door, and co-ed- but a Dinner, not a game night.
~You can find MORE photos on our Facebook group (here). =)

Fill the Bottle (a water toting relay race)

Would you guess  that these guys were carrying paper cups of water?

Marshmallow Race

Getting ready for Corn Hole

May 26, 2016

May 2016 part 1

May minutes:
~ The Hunters hosted, and we had fun at the
Dallas Arboretum
~ the Theme was Anne of Green Gables, so we all shared a few short-ish readings & poems!
~ Dues this month went to:  Apache Creek Deaf & Youth Ranch (You know, the camp that Elizabeth Hunter worked at last Summer?)
~ 4 Ladies where in attendance- small but good.   =)
~The door prize was provided by Suzi Beeman.
(Thank you, Mrs. Bee!)
~We sent cards to: Craig & Debbie at Apache Creek Deaf & Youth Ranch

We took lots of photos, only a few are below, find many more lovely photos on our Facebook group (HERE), and Faith's blog post (HERE).

May 22, 2016

May 2016 Part 2

Did you miss our Anne of Green Gables picnic? Wish you could have been there, but here's some pictures to make up for your absence.  (More photos here and here)

My favorite blooms

Adrienne and Elizabeth Thinking with Einstein

Debbie and Adrienne posing

Our Group selfie

April 22, 2016

April 2016


 April minutes:
~ We had fun at our Pot-Luck Salad Dinner!
~ Dues this month went to sponsor Hannah Hale in the Raffa Run
~ 8 Ladies where in attendance  =)
~ A short time of prayer was had.
~ The door prize was provided by Sharon Hunter.
~ A HUGE thank you to Suzi Beeman who provided the location.  =)

~Next Month: the Hunters will pick the date/time/location/agenda.  (Thank you!)

Pineapple Lush Cake   (recipe HERE)

March 20, 2016

March 2016

No 10:24 Society meeting this month....see you in April!


February 11, 2016

February 2016

February minutes:
~ We had fun, Debbie and Adrienne taught Sharon to play the McKees new game "iota"...that was fun, and Sharon won!  =)
~Dues this month were diapers & blankets, and will be delivered to Raffa by Sharon Hunter
~A short time of Prayer was had
~3 ladies were in attendance =)
~Pot-Luck Refreshments...Valentine theme!
~The door prize was provided by Sharon Hunter, and it was decided that it would be kept and given next meeting.
~Debbie & Adrienne McKee provided the location.
~We sent a Valentine card to Elizabeth Hunter, and a Sympathy card to the Wesson Ladies.
Take note: We are looking for someone to provide the location & play hostess for the March meeting- they can choose the date & time that is best for them. (the evenings of the 21st & 22nd would be best for the McKees) 

January 27, 2016

January 2016

FYI: This meeting is the Hebrews 10:24 Society's marks our 2nd year together!!!

January minutes:
~Carmen Rockett came and taught us how to make Art Journal and Altered Book COVERS.
~Dues this month went to Only a Servant Ministries
~A short time of Prayer was had
~4 ladies were in attendance =)
~Pot-Luck Refreshments...Mmm!
~The door prize was given to Carmen
~Debbie & Adrienne McKee provided the location.
~We sent a Get Well card to Suzi Beeman
~More Photos (including the finished projects) can be found on the Facebook group. =)

Photo by Carmen Rockett

Photo by Carmen Rockett

Photo by Carmen Rockett
Dry project with craft dryer or blow dryer between each step. =)
1. Apply Gesso with a straight edge tool like a discarded gift card. Dry project. 
2. Apply ephemera (paper items you are using for keepsakes) with liquid matte acrylic medium. Dry project. 
3. Add texture and focal pieces with stencil and modeling paste or glue other items like metal trinkets, buttons, string, lace, and more. 
4. Spread paint with "dry brush" technique or finger using chosen color scheme in random patterns or other pattern. Also use paint for more visual texture. 
5. Add accents and additional visual texture with stamps and ink. 

Step 1: "paint" your surface with Gesso

Step 2: dry it...or let it dry

Step 3: "glue" your paper/fabric/lace down
(this was the fun part!)

Step 4: add paint...

...add paint...

...adding more paint. =)

Rub/dab/brush/wipe paint on & off until you like it!
Thank you SO much, Mrs. Rockett for coming over and teaching us!

January 11, 2016

Art Journal or Altered Book project

We are pleased to say that Carmen Rockett will be leading the January meeting! 
Carmen will be helping us learn to make Art Journal or Altered Book COVERS.  (If you have any questions, PLEASE ask.)(If this is not your thing, maybe you could volunteer to baby-sit for another lady who would like to come...)

You can go more "basic" like Adrienne- with decoupage
(All you would need is 1.the book 2.pretty paper 4.Scissors and maybe a hair dryer.)


Book: (This item is mandatory)

  • Find a gift book with scripture or lovely quotes at Goodwill or other thrift store
  • Purchase a (preferably spiral-bound) journal. Try to find one in which the pages are well-secured. Art sketch books work well.

Carmen Rockett will provide gesso, modeling paste, acrylic matte medium, and paints, along with some other odds and ends. Bring $2 per person to help cover the cost.

Adrienne is providing:

  • Mod Podge

Supplies can be scrounged or purchased, as desired. No need to have every single thing on the list, but pull together what you can:

  • Scrapbook papers
  • pictures- from magazine, calendars, cards etc...or funny papers
  • Burlap or fabric bits up to 12 inches square can be used
  • Embroidery thread
  • Twine, jute, or other artsy string
  • Fabric glue
  • Expired or used gift cards for spreading gel medium
  • Paint spreaders (brushes, spouncers, foam brushes, putty knife)
  • Hair dryer
  • Buttons, trinkets, pretty odds and ends, feathers, ribbon, lace

One of Mrs. Rocketts books