July 16, 2016

June 2016

Holahoop ring toss (harder than it sounds!)

June minutes:
~ The McKees volunteered their yard for an outdoor Co-Ed game night, with a bonfire!
~4 games were played:
     1) Holahoop Ring Toss (harder than it sounds!)
     2) Marshmallow Race
     3) Fill the Bottle (a water toting relay race)
     4) Corn Hole
~We had pot luck cookies & roasted marshmallows
~There were 10 in attendance, one new person: thanks for coming, everyone!
~Dues this month went to Peter & Maggie Sample-  as they Pastor/missionary a small town Church.
~No door prize.
~It was decided that the July meeting would also be out of door, and co-ed- but a Dinner, not a game night.
~You can find MORE photos on our Facebook group (here). =)

Fill the Bottle (a water toting relay race)

Would you guess  that these guys were carrying paper cups of water?

Marshmallow Race

Getting ready for Corn Hole

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McKee Family said...

We had fun!!! Thanks for all your work to put it all together!

Love Mom!